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Planning for you future can be a very confusing and complex process. We are here to help you every step of the way, whether it be income protection, asset protection, or wealth accumulation.

What We Do

At Sevenwood Financial Services we:

• Help identify your needs

• Explain & interpret complex language

• Assist you in making the appropriate choices to meet your financial goals.

• Be there for you 24/7

• Maintain complete confidentiality

• We NEVER charge a financial review fee

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Protect Your Financial Future

Below are a few of the many features of our favorite choice for asset protection and growth - the Fixed Indexed Annuity:

 During the weeks, months or years of a declining market, your assets will NEVER suffer market losses. 

Your assets will have the potential for market like gains, with none of the downside risk.

Some choices offer a premium bonus which is credited to your account the day it is opened.

All future gains are credited to what you rolled over and any bonus, combined.

These choices are perfect for:

• Guaranteed Lifetime Income with increasing income potential.  • Protection and Growth of Assets • Wealth Accumulation • Maximize Death Benefit to your heirs

Why You Should Choose Us

You'll be amazed at how easy and comfortable it is to work with us.

We take pride in bringing new concepts and ideas to the table with every person we have met with. (even those who currently have a "financial expert").

Most of our clients had either never heard of these retirement income choices, or had several misconceptions and did not fully understand them until they met with us.

Below are some of the strategies that we can help you with:

We will help you balance market risk with 
             your retirement funds.
• Estate Liquidity
• Pension Maximization
• Maximize what you leave to your heirs
• Tax efficient retirement income strategies
• Cash sitting stagnant in the bank
• Retirement income analysis